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    I am currently building a 1/9 scale Macchi C.202 Folgore. When the building is done, I want to paint it in the colors of a plane of the 369 squadriglia; 22° gruppo; 53° stormo.
    But I am a bit confused about the color markings.

    First of all, the numbers on the fuselage.
    On the profile attached, they are black and red with white outlines. The form of the numbers matches close to those on the picture attached. Of the profile it is said that it is a series VII aircraft.
    On another profile, in the book Aermacchi C. 202, Ali d'italie, all the numbers are all in red, with a white shadow.
    The profile in the book is based on a picture in the book, and there it looks like the numbers have the same greytone but I can not say if its black or red.The series number on this plane is XI. Were they black or red or both?

    Then the spinner. In the profile and the picture attached, the spinner is white, with a red ring. The pictures in the book on the other hand shows white spinners, with half or a third of the spinner in a darker color. And not a straight segment, but a little twisted (this can be because the prop is turning but I am not sure). The profile in this book of this plane has a completely white spinner and is not accurate. I kind of like both of the spinner and I do not know which one to chose. I cannot find any information on Italian fighter planes with a spinner in a rather German color sheme.

    What I think happened is that the unit changed it unit markings a little at the end of 1942 but I cannot find any profile or color info on these planes that looks completely correct.

    Does anyone knows more or has anyone more info about number and the spinner markings of the Macchi 202's of this unit?

    Grtz and thanks in advance!


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    I mean this profile is wrong! I mean numbers should be in red with white outline. If You look at the picture in this reply, numbers are not black at all.

    Hope it helps!

    Rudolph Laursen, Denmark.

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