Martin Baltimore

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Here is a writeup I did on that airplane a while back:

Martin A-30 Baltimore
The Baltimore was born out of an order from the RAF for 400 upgraded Maryland bombers with deeper fuselages for improved crew intercommunications. Additionally, Martin replaced the Pratt and Whitney Twin Wasp engine with the Wright R-2600 Cyclone, improving the horsepower approximately 25%. Martin called this aircraft the Model 187B. The British designated the aircraft the Baltimore. The USAAF designated this aircraft the A-30, though it never saw operational service with the US forces. There were a total of 1,575 of these made and the Baltimore's only theater of combat was the Mediterranean.
The RAAF flew these aircraft with the 454th squadron.

Manufacturer: Martin
Model: Baltimore Mk. V
When first flown: June 14, 1941
Length: 48 feet 6 inches (14.78 meters)
Wingspan: 61 feet 4 inches (18.69 meters)
Height: 17 feet 9 inches (5.41 meters)
Power-plant: 2 x 1,600hp Wright GR-2600-A5B Cyclone twin row radial engines.
Crew: 4
Top Speed: 320 MPH (515 km/h)
Cruising Speed:
Range: 1,060 miles (1,700 km)
Service ceiling: 24,000 feet (7,315 meters)
Empty Weight: 15,200 lbs. (6,895 kg)
Maximum Weight: 27,850 lbs. (12,632 kg)
Armament: 7 x .50 caliber machine guns
Max. bomb load: 2,000 lbs. (907 kg)
No. built: 1,575
Flown By: Australia, France, Greece, Italy, South Africa, UK, US

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