Me 163 systems information?

Discussion in 'Other Mechanical Systems Tech.' started by gecko, Nov 30, 2014.

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    Hello all,

    I'm a long time browser, first time poster here. I was wondering if anyone here could point to some systems info on the Me 163. I am currently involved in the flight sim project developing an Me 163 and want to make sure the systems are modeled as correctly as possible. I have read the U.S. post war report on a captured example, and various other articles on the web and have found a lot of conflicting information. I am trying to figure out how the landing gear and skid system was operated. I have read that it had a pneumatic emergency skid extension system (is this correct?) but what I have read on the normal operation of the system seems evenly split as to whether it was a pneumatic system or a hydraulic system. The skid shock dampers seem to be hydraulic, but did this system also extend and retract the skid?

    The other question I have is related to dropping the wheel dolly after takeoff. How was this done? I read in one place that it was released automatically when the skid was retracted, which seems reasonable, and I haven't found a cockpit control that would release it other than other than the main selector lever for the skid, but I was hoping to confirm this with something more than a passing mention, which is all I have so far.

    Any help is much appreciated! Thanks,


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