Me 262A-1a "White 5" (W.Nr. 111745)

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    from 'Jadgverband 44' by Robert Forsyth and 'German Jet Aces of WW 2' by Hugh Morgan and John Weal.

    Built at the Kuno AG Werk 1 at Scheppach (Burgau), this aircraft is known to have been flown by Uffz. Eduard Schallmoser and Uffz. Karl-Heinz Muller. "White 5" was very represenative of JV 44's core aircraft - the batch of Me 262s used by the unit when it first arrived at Munich-Reim. "White 5' was an early mount of Eduard Schallmoser, wingman to Adolf Galland. It was in this aircraft that Schallmoser opened JV 44's score against the USAAF by ramming a P-38 Lightning near Munich on 4 April 1945. The 'jet rammer's' career had begun - he would go on to claim a B-26 Marauder and a B-17 in similar fashion, plus at least one more B-26 by more orthodox means, before the end of the war. This aircraft was flown by several of JV 44's pilots.

    The jet was finished in overall 82, with an overcoat of Dunkelgrun 83 and Blue-Grey 76 undersides and featured only a white '5' - its tactical number - to distinguish it from other similarly camouflaged machines. Its Werknummer was stenciled in black beneath the Hakenkreuz.

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