Merry Xmas and a Happy New Easter:)

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Merry Christmas everybody! :x-mas:
I hope those of you with small children can retain your sanity tomorrow morning. :lol:

Love your family, and stay safe!
lesofprimus said:
Is New Easter a special Brit holiday???? No wonder u guys get so much time to go on 4 week holiday vacations......

I heard that theres a special holiday over there called Tea Stained Teeth Cleaning Day......

Actually, my mom gets 4 or 5 week vacations every year, and she works at a school...
:D Merry X-Mas. ^_^
Hot Space said:
Merry Xmas, folk's 8)

Don't eat or drink too much or you'll turn into me :lol:

Hot Space

perish the thought :lol: ;)

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