Messerschmitt Me 262

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Note that this topic is about the FE-4012, later T-2-4012, the 'White 25' with Wk.Nr. 500453, which was in the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum until that closed recently, and now is ??????????

The FE-111 is a different Me 262, the 'Yellow 7' with Wk.Nr. 500491, which is now in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.
Poor thing! So many restorations do a really brilliant technical job and bring back the aircraft to life - and then they miserably fail with the paint job!
Saw this 262 for the first time when I moved my young family to Claremont in around '77, '78. It was painted overall light grey with the markings shown in the previous photo. Next time I saw it was at the Chino facility in the late 80's I 'm guessing. Then it had it's green over light blue paint job. Sometime in the 90's, it disappeared from Chino, it had been moved to their museum located at the intersection of Highways 180 & 64 at Valle-Williams Airport, south of south rim of Grand Canyon, Arizona never to return. We took a road trip to the Grand Canyon to do the train trip from Williams to the canyon and back and I visited the museum to see the plane. It looked as it did at Chino. A great side light was the Reidel Starter they had on display with it.

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