Most beautiful ships....

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Aug 21, 2006
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I've seen that we have a "Most beautiful planes" thread, how about a most beautiful ships thread? Which lassies has the lines and curves in all the right places? Which has the power to make your jaw hit the deck, to make your speach suddenly seem nothing but jibby jabba and rappakalja?
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In 1920, an America's Cup race was cancelled because a wind of 23 knots was considered too dangerous for the racing yachts of the time, which were made fragile by the towering sails they carried. The fishermen of the New England and Maritime fleets considered this a disgrace and resolved to hold their own competition for men and ships who were ready and able to face the sea. The Halifax Herald newspaper donated a cup and established the rules for the contest, and in the years that followed, the International Fishermen's Trophy would become a source of considerable national pride as ships from the great fishing fleets of Gloucester, Massachusetts and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia vied for the title. From 1920 til 1938 the Bluenose from Nova Scotia never lost and now it graces the Canadian ten cent coin


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Bismarck and Tirpitz as well as the Iowa class battleships are on my list as well. I would also add the Essex class aircraft carriers.


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Just the feeling of finding Titanic, Bismarck and Yorktown. It's more than enough to give you lump the size of basketball in your throat. Would love to tag along one of his trips....
I've got his Bismarck book.


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Bismark as Im building that ship at the moment,

Civilian the Oriana

reason being my father used to work on her

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