Most beautiful ships....

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Can't forget "Old Ironsides", oldest commissioned ship in the US Navy.


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BB: Bismark class-> I prefer the Tirpitz
I also like the "older" british BB's like the Queen Elisabeth class or the Hood.
I don't like the bow of the Yamato or the Iowa class.

Heavy cruiser: For me a heavy cruiser has to look like the "Hipper" class.
I prefer the "Blücher" and the "Prinz Eugen".
Well, it is all very subjective, but to me the Hood is very graceful and swan like where Bismarck is more bulky and powerful looking. Like comparing the Spitfire, to me the most graceful and beautiful ac ever built with a P47 which while a handsome ac with semi elliptical wings, the Jug is bulky, powerful which did it's job with brute force.
Flower class corvette

Not sexy, not big, rolled on wet grass, not well armed.

But did a lions share of fighting and sub killing in the most brutal conditions.


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