Much increased co-operation within Axis countries in technical and tactical matters?

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There were quite a few nations that were progressively western until the rise of religious extremism - but when a woman's wrist is momentarily exposed reaching for a taxi doorhandle, and is immediately drug off to the nearby soccer stadium and executed, something is terribly wrong.

Yes! and that Thing is basics of Islam ...

The following text is from Quran 4 : 34

Men are in charge of women by what Allāh has given one over the other and what they spend from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allāh would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance - advise them, forsake them in bed; andstrike them. But if they obey you seek no means against them. Indeed, Allāh is ever Exalted and Grand.

and here you can read the whole with English Translation:

ترجمهٔ معانی سوره سوره نساء - ترجمه انگلیسی - صحیح اینتر نشنال - دایرة المعارف قرآن کریم

Islam is great for those who are interested in Sexual things ... Sex slaves, Child marriage, and so many other dirty works covered under the shield of Sacred ...
The English Word "Whore" is drived from Arabic word "حور" , Fairy!

In Islamic believes, If you be a good man and avoid bad things in this universe, You'll be rewarded with many things in the other one, including Male and female sex slaves, that are virgin, white, young and beautiful! and A river of Wine that never drunken you! and so many other things!
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Yes! and that Thing is basics of Islam ...

The following text is from Quran 4 : 34

and here you can read the whole with English Translation:

ترجمهٔ معانی سوره سوره نساء - ترجمه انگلیسی - صحیح اینتر نشنال - دایرة المعارف قرآن کریم

Islam is great for those who are interested in Sexual things ... Sex slaves, Child marriage, and so many other dirty works covered under the shield of Sacred ...

Thanks so much for your insight, bud.
Not sure if anyone mentioned the Cavity Magnetron the Japanese had and didn't share with Germany in 1940:

Mr. Ito was even in Germany to learn about their radar developments as well:
In late 1940. Commander Ito led a technical-exchange mission to Germany. Fluent in the German language and holding a doctorate from Dresden Technische Hochschule, he was well received. Staying several months, he became aware of their pulse-modulated radio equipment for detecting and ranging, and immediately sent word back to Japan that this technology should be incorporated in the NTRI-JRC effort. On August 2, 1941, even before Ito returned to Japan, funds were allocated for the initial development of a pulse-modulated Radio Range Finder (RRF – the Japanese code name for a radar).

The Germans had not yet developed a magnetron suitable for use in such systems, so their equipment operated in the VHF region. At the NTRI, they followed the Germans and built a prototype VHF set operating at 4.2 m (71 MHz) and producing about 5 kW. This was completed on a crash basis, and in early September 1941, the set detected a bomber at a range of 97 km (61 mi). The system, Japan’s first full radar, was designated Mark 1 Model 1 and quickly went into production.[7]

In parallel with the VHF work, Yoji Ito also returned to the magnetron applications, resulting in Japan’s first pulse-modulated microwave RRF set. It operated at 10 cm (3 GHz) and produced a peak-power of 2.0 kW. A prototype was tested in October 1941, and several versions for surface ships and submarines were soon put into production. Naval officials favored the microwave sets because with very narrow beams they were less vulnerable to interception.

A special laboratory was set up near Shimada, in the Shizuoka Prefecture, for developing a high-power magnetron that, if not as powerful as Tesla had boasted, might at least incapacitate an aircraft. A number of Japan’s leading physicists were involved. A 20 cm magnetron producing 100 kW was achieved, and by the end of the war a 1000 kW (1 MW) unit was undergoing preliminary testing.[7] At that time, the development was terminated and the hardware as well as all documentation was destroyed.[9]

Germany getting that in 1940 and developing it in conjunction with Japan would have been a game changer in the radar war.
Can you imagine the effect of Germany deploying cavity magnetron radar ground and air systems in 1942? All the drag from the large radar antennae and weight of the system for the night fighters would be eliminated (1943 systems cost night fighters 50km/h speed and who knows how much flying time due to increased fuel use), it could be used in single engine fighters (no need for the 'wilde sau' tactic), and the accuracy would allow FLAK to be more accurate with much small systems; i.e. no huge Wurzburg systems. If deployed in 1942 the RAF is in for a really bad time. Imagine an Egerland system deployed in 1942 or 43:


This system controlling the 'large batteries' of FLAK used in 1942 (to economize the limited number of radar guidance systems) would be a lethal combo. Plus with CM airborne radar equipped night fighters using an analogous system to the 'Berlin' radar of OTL would make it particularly hairy for Bomber Command over Germany:

Could well mean the RAF bomber raids over Germany are defeated in 1943, maybe during the Battle of the Ruhr which could prevent the RAF blunting the planned armaments/munition increase of 1943:
In his study of the German war economy, Adam Tooze stated that during the Battle of the Ruhr, Bomber Command severely disrupted German production. Steel production fell by 200,000 tons. The armaments industry was facing a steel shortfall of 400,000 tons. After doubling production in 1942, production of steel increased only by 20% in 1943. Hitler and Speer were forced to cut planned increases in production. This disruption resulted in the Zulieferungskrise (sub-components crisis). The increase of aircraft production for the Luftwaffe also came to an abrupt halt. Monthly production failed to increase between July 1943 and March 1944. "Bomber Command had stopped Speer's armaments miracle in its tracks".[24]


Devastation of Krupp factory, Essen, 1945
At Essen after more than 3,000 sorties and the loss of 138 aircraft, the "Krupp works...and the town...itself contained large areas of devastation", and Krupp never restarted locomotive production after the second March raid.[4]

If that doesn't happen then the Allies are in for a much rougher time in 1943. For instance if the Germans don't run out of artillery ammo during 4th Kharkov they might have won. The forgotten battles in Belarus in late 1943/early 1944 would be even bloodier than the OTL version, which was pretty horrific as it was and the subsequent Bagration offensive could have been substantially worse for the Soviets if the Germans weren't starved of munitions, fuel, and replacement equipment. Who knows how the war in Italy would have played out, especially with more effective and mobile FLAK systems. USAAF daylight bombing might have even ended up being cancelled if FLAK is more effective in 1943 as well.

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