Must have books. JV44 The Galland Circus.

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Aug 21, 2006
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Just found this book online by Robert Forsyth and bought it. I'm just wondering what I can expect of. Is it as good as I've heard?
old title. and it is the only real book on JV 44 not the squadron of experts that is claimed as the unit hardly did anything in the skies in 1945 except try and stomp out B-26's. most of the pilots that transferred out of the piston engine units to this took the rest of the war off from battle and thus saved their skins

there is another book by the same authors "battle over Bavaria" forget it, do not even think about a purchase.

not sure if I would call the book a must have but it is good nonethless and it is much sought after
Got my book today. What a GIANT book it is! :shock: It'll take me ages to read through it :read2: :lol: .....Oh my!
Now I only need some about JG300, 301, 302 and Kommando Nowotny. :lol:
JG 300 volume 1 is already out via eagle editions as well as Will Reschke's JG 301/302 in English from Schiffer pubs. Kommando Nowotny don't bet on it, with only 50 kills if that and many of those unconfirmed anyway not sure if any author has tried to piece the interesting story together though it was the unit that the US 8th AF met and feared during the fall of 44

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