Mysterious aircraft (probably passenger) -> anyone knows?

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Senior Airman
Feb 15, 2005
Gdansk, PL
While I was getting to work today I've heard an aircraft somewhere over my head. Turned my head up and saw sth like the one on the picture about 1000-1500m above.
The problem was the sun, shining hard straight into my eyes, so I couldn't see clearly.

The aircraft was white, so probably passenger one.

But the wings are bit strange as for a passenger jet aircraft. I didn't see any engines on the wings (honestly - didn't see engines at all), so it must have been a jet. And it sounded like a jet.

Anyone has an idea, what was it?


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Hmmmm maybe... or maybe not... The sun disturbed really hard, but I think it was rather sth bigger than Cessna Citation. On the other hand I can see on the photo, that Cessna fits perfect. Hmmm...

Nevertheless - thanks for Your reply :)

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