need info about the grizzly

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May 8, 2005
how can shed some light on the beech XA-38?
Here's a pic for you. Sorry but that's about all the help I can give you.
Looks like a kick arse plane IMO.


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Span: 20.52m, length: 15.77m, height: 4.72m, wing area: 58.2 sq. m, Engines: 2 x Wright R-3350 - 2,700 hp each, 10,537 kg empty, 13,570 kg loaded, 636 kph top speed, 1,036 mpm rate of climb, 2,575 km range, 8,475m ceiling, 1 x 75 mm cannon + 6 x 12.7 mm (50 cal) MG, 907 kg bombs. 2 built, 1944.

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