Need Info on Parts from B-17

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Bob Schenk

Feb 28, 2007
I am a huge fan of the Memphis Belle B-17 and actually had dinner with Capt. Robert Morgan. I recently purhased a headset/throat mic set from the estate of an 8th AirForce B-17 pilot (or at least the story goes). Along with these items came two pieces -- one of which is listed as a bomb sight. Can the experts out there take a look at these photos and let me know exactly what I have? Thanks to all. Bob

eBay: B-17 Bomber Pilot Equipment Lot w/ Bomb Sight - WW2 US (item 130077365849 end time Feb-16-07 14:26:18 PST)
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Looks a bit like a bomb sight, especially with some of the other parts. There are the two headsets/microphones which you already are those. It is a bomb sight of some kind (it doesn't look like a Norton to me) which would make it something more primitive however I don't really know bomb sights...

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