New Book on P-51 pilot from the 328th FS / 352 FG in WWII

Discussion in 'WWII Events' started by PatrickMoore, Feb 11, 2013.

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    My sister, Carole Webb Slater has written a book that was inspired by the 250 original letters we found written from our Father, Dana A. "Cobby" Webb, written to our Mother and his parents during the war from 1943-1945. The letters are priceless and gives great insight to a fighter pilots life from initial flight training to being a part of the famed "Blue Nose Bastards from Bodney" P-51 squadron. There are many personal pictures of pilots, planes and sights never seen outside our family along with other history and pictures of planes and places mentioned in Dad's letters. Our Dad was killed June 22, 1955 in an F-84E training flight. Even my twin brother, Michael D. "Moose" Moore and myself were only 5 years old, we grew up hearing about our Dad and flying and it led us both to the USAF where we both served as USAF fighter pilots. Be on the look out for this 300 page book "Letters from the Heart" that will be published in soft cover, hard cover and E book format. Release date is summer 2013. For more information, email me at [email protected]; [email protected]; or [email protected].
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    My personal opinion would be to leave this thread on the forum. It sounds like something more than just a few of us would be interested in. Am looking forward to finding out more about this book.


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