New hanger now open at Duxford

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I have been a member of the Friends of Duxford group for the last few years and followed the exhibit being built. It really compliments the American building at the other end of the airfield and in doing so it spreads the flow of visitors out and reduces over crowding I think that Duxford has quite a bit more growing to do. The interest in both WW2 and aviation in general is still very much on the increase and the restoration hangers and workshops are full of current projects.
I think a lot will be hanging on the weather Thorlifter its been really crap recently, thats why im going both days in the hope of at least some chance of taking shots.ase for distance Evanglider suggested going to his local show near LA at Camarillo in august I dont think i can make it this year but Ive started softing up the wife and suggesting a couple of days in NYC then down to LA for a week with "oh look an air show" in the middle then over to Chicago. She is quite keen so I am determind to go this time.
You're lucky mosquito man. I would love to live in England. I like America but a short stint in the UK would be nice. I'm split across the Atlantic. unfortunately the UK doesn't take full citizen apps any more. In any case, I would love to go see this museum. By far my favorite part of WWII history is the Battle for Britain.

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