New video from yoyoman : Aviation Music composer

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Hello dear WW2 Aircraft members

My latest project is finished : More than 2 months of work to accomplish the artistic video called "Aerobatics". You'll notice that the planes (They include several WWII planes) are nicely choregraphed with the music. I'm sure you will like it since I have very positive feedback.

The link towards the video (640x480) is here :

If you want to download it (320x240) you can click here :

and the link towards the standalone audio soundtrack is on my usual aviation music website :

I wish you a nice relaxing moment with "Aerobatics" and kind regards from Belgium,

Good idea coz I stumbled upon it while browsing.

Will take a look (and listen).

Many thanks for your hard work. I am averse to music on plane vids but when it is done properly it can augment the effect. Some parts of Top Gun have this effect. In documentaries running Vera Lynn (the Allies 'Revenge Weapon') over a Spit in full chat is a crime.

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