newly restored 109E engines runs

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In Poland some 5 or 6 years ago they picked up one Bf 109g6 from a lake and nicely restored it. Unfortunately it is not airworthy. :cry:
However, even in the museum this 109 looks nice. As far as I know this plane has a lot of original parts.
Here are some pics of this beauty:)


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Nice shots. It would be nice if it could fly, but often when planes are restored for static display, they are not easy to make flyable. There are alot of things you don't have to do to make it a static display. Often they do it because of cost, or the airframe is in really bad shape.
Indeed it's a shame, but on the other hand this beauty has the biggest ratio of the original parts among the 109's in Europe (about 80%).

I saw the photos of it being picked up from a lake, it had even some original paint on fuselage.

This particular plane belonged to the training unit stationed in the northern part of todays Poland and crashed into the lake during one of the training flights. The 109's pilot, young feldfebel (or oberfanrich - don't remember now) noticed some defect and wanted to make it to base, but unfortunately he just "landed' in the deep of the lake...

In other lakes there have been discovered two Me 210 planes.

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