Night Fighter ace I met

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Apr 11, 2005
South East Queensland
Went to a small country airshow yesterday and had the pleasure of meeting a famous RAAF ace of WWII. His name is SqnLdr Bob Cowper DFC and Bar, French Legion of Honour. Bob was a nightfighter pilot in the MTO and ETO. He flew Defiants, Beaufighters and later Mosquitoes and is credited with 6 enemy a/c shot down and 1 V-1 shot down. His most notable engagement was on the 10th of June 1944 when he shot down a He-177 and a Do-217 on the same night. Although I didn't get to talk long it was great to meet and shake hands with such a distinguished gentleman who was very happy to sign and write a small note in a copy of his book I own.:cool: I know many here have met many great pilots of WWII, but I have had little chance to do so before. Definately one encounter I will never forget!

Bob is sitting one the left in the picture below. The other gentleman's name is David Leicester DFC and bar, who flew 68 missions in Lancasters of RAF Bomber Command. I unfortunately didn't get to speak to him, but the announcer said he flew 31 missions in his first tour and the rest were as a pathfinder pilot and Master Bomber leader.


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Very impressive, you lucky dog! Just imagine, we'll never see a real He-177,
yet this chap actually shot one out of the sky! I bet he can regale you for
hours with terrific stories.
IIRC the French award Bob the Legion d'Honneur in 2004 (2005?) as part of a commeration.


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