On Line Action at CFS-2 Flight Deck

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Airman 1st Class
Oct 14, 2005
...What does a guy do?

I have owned CFS-2 for years but has only played AIs. I recently came out of the shell joined Sim-Outhouse, loaded a few skins...

A few months later, I played online for the first time... Bingo!!!!

I wait for all to close or start closing thier CFS-2 portals to discover the EXCITEMENT!!!

Remidie... Help create a site to promote CFS-2 TCP/IP Online gaming!!!

That site is here!!! Ready!!! pretty 'plane' right now. This won't stop us... We're Looking for a Few Good Sim-Avaitors.


How this works for now is simple... go to http://groups.msn.com/TheCFS2FlightDeck
load some MSN code so the thier 'group' stuff works, if you don't already have it; sign into the Deck, explore, go to the 'flight deck' and wait... Or on the message board, post the time you will fly.

That's it.

We are as I said under construction, but running. As more people we 'land' there will be more games, less waiting. Since all is direct TCP/IP, your game speeds should be great.

Our new FTP site has opened today!!! We taking off (I hope).

The CFS-2 Flight Deck Membership is Free, Free of advertising.

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