On My Travels Again

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Oct 17, 2006
Brisbane Queensland
My wife and I will be travelling to Philippines on the 11th May to the 31st May 2007. I have planned with my wife to go from Cebu to Manila. We will be visiting Corrigidor Island Manlia Bay as tours are conducted to the island. I will be taking as many photos as I can of the Island. I have never been to Corrigidor before let alone Manila. I will also be taking photos of the old parts of Manila as well particularly where the Japanese blockaded themselves prior to the city's fall to US Troops. If any one has suggestions who have been to Manila before I would appreciate their feed back. My wife and I will be travelling to Singapore from 1st June and will be staying in Singapore until the 6th June but this time will be touring the Old Gun Emplacements like Fort Silso and Johore Battery etc and other places of interest. Look forward to your feedback

As this is very much an old WW2 battle grounds Singapore Manila etc it interests me greatly. Looking forward to the trip and vacation
Thanks. Sys Adler and FBJ. I have planned to visit the Cemetry for US and Filippino Military and Civilians and yes will be taking heaps of photos some I will share on this website. I am looking forward to going to Corrigidore. Heard so much about it over the years just like Singapore etc and I will share photos of Singapore on web site as well. Been told the Philippine Air Force has a small museum in Manila as well so will go and see that as well. They have static displays of aircraft they had employed over the years.

Looking forward to this vacation but its for family business as well. Trade off is that I have to take my wife to Enchanted Kingdom Theme Park in Manila as well because I will be dragging her around to Corrigidore and parts of Manila she says to her is a bit boring hahaha
Looking forward to the Trip Wild and yes will get lots of Photos. I want to have a look see at the PAF Museum in Manila as well mate. Some old warbirds on display from Phil Air Force Wild. Might not be extensive as ours would be Wild but hey they are aeroplanes and have to have a butchers mate

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