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Dec 2, 2004
Paris - France

I would like to know the exact color of the P-47s from 56FG, 61 FS. I've heard about flat black, matt black with purplish sheen, gloss black with purplish sheen, ...

So what, matt, or gloss ? Purplish or not ?

Thanks for your help

I dunno if it helps, but heres what I found...

Zemke's wolfpack. Hub was a pretty cool guy later going over to command the 464th fg I believe. did you know he is one of the very few that got cuaght in a thunderstorm cell, hit by lighting and lost all power for several thousand feet, regaining control and power and lived to tell about it. I would say god was awful good to him that day. A real interesting character he was....

back to the profile, the camo of the 56th fg Jugs was quite interesting. some of them all natural metal finish, some a combination of olive drab and violet-greens and metal others and quite a few in complete camo with red stripped noses and different colured rudders. the profile looks to purplish to me.....

Talking the 56th FG P-47M, they're either dark purple or black...But I don't know which. And for the Il-2 chaps...my bro has a P-47 'Pengie III' skin from 56th FG, it's suh-weet.
black don't think so plan. Ive got a colour pic of Jackson's LM*J and it has a yellow rudder with a two tone grey and violet green finish. It is a P-47M.

Ah ha just found it .....YES ! here is the official colours of the squads now of the 56th fg. pretty weird.

D's and M's finished in some pretty guady colour schemes as I said, striped waves, etc.

61st : midnight blue uppers

62nd: shadow-shaded uppers in Dark green/Medium sea grey

63rd: Dark French Blue and Azure blue, undersides in natural metal.

this was applied starting in February of 1945. It was stated that the camouflage colours added another 40/50 pounds of weight and a loss of 7-10mph to the overall speed.

Plan the midnight blue is probably what many consider black but it is not black. the profile shown is in midnight blue and I have several black/white pics of 56th fg birds in this camo including the one shown in the profile. looks black from the bw pics though, and this is where the confusion is. In any case the ground crews had fun applying many different forms of stripes and other shadow effects and even leaving parts of the fueslage in natural metal. The higher ups must have had a royal "cow" when visitng the group as they were quite a novel and independent bunch and when they were offered the P-51 to replace the Jug they just said ''''''''''''' screw that ! '''''''''''''
I know, I've spoken with someone from the 56th FG over the internet and he said most of the paint was just stolen because they refused to have them bare.
Here's a nice picture of a 56 FG, 61 FS P-47D. I know you were looking for a M but still...


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44-21108- P-47M- 61 HV-Z- Lanowski Capt. Witold A- First Production "M"

I don't know if he's still here but that's the aircraft he's looking for.

I cannot find a single picture of HV-Z though, only Lanowski personal emblem. Which is at the bottom. But here are some pictures of Jugs in 56th FG paint scheme.


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I'm building HV*Z and came accross this old thread whilst looking for general P-47 info. A friend runs a P-47 special interest group elsewhere and has been in touch with various 56th FG veterans. Three pilots,Russ Kyler,Vic Bast and another I can't recall are all adamant that the upper surfaces of their aircraft were painted flat black. I reckon that would be enough witnesses in a courtroom!!!
Mine will be black - not plum or dark blue - black.
Apparently a similar debate now rages about the SR-71 blackbird! I'm sticking to props.
44-21108- P-47M- 61 HV-Z- Lanowski Capt. Witold A- First Production "M"

I don't know if he's still here but that's the aircraft he's looking for.

I cannot find a single picture of HV-Z though, only Lanowski personal emblem. Which is at the bottom. But here are some pictures of Jugs in 56th FG paint scheme.

You will find photographs of Łanowski's (pronounce correctly Wan-ov-ski) 421108 here.

Polscy lotnicy w 61 Fighter Squadron USAAF

Page to the bottom.

Each of the squadrons in the 56 FG painted their P-47Ms in a different scheme. Some of the 61st FS's might have been painted black but there is very compelling evidence that the first was not.

You can read the full story, involving penguins and dinner jackets, and see the actually colour used here
Plane Talking - HyperScale's Aircraft Scale Model Discussion Forum: Remnant of Elusive Black Paint used on 61st FS 56th FG P-47M's - Photos

and here.

Large Scale Planes

The model is the only evidence for what Pengie V looked liked, no photographs have ever come to light. Note that the codes are repeated under the port wing. There has been speculation that Łanowski's aircraft also had HV-Z under its port wing. Techmod used to include these on their decal sheets with a question mark but the latest issues no longer have them. Perhaps there has been a change of mind. There is also a silver horseshoe near the cockpit which Tamiya have chosen to depict as copper or brass for some unknown reason. Mostly likely Łanowski's P-47M was also painted the Midnight Blue colour, even Mrs Łanowski's hair iis blacker than the aircraft.

It is thought by some that the first 61st FS Thunderbolt to receive the Midnight Blue colour was Gładych's Pengie IV, 4419718.
a P-47D-28RE.

I cannot find any date of death for Gładych or Łanowski'so they might both be still living. The last I heard of Łanowski, he was living in Essex.
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Antoni the pictures of Mr and Mrs Lanowski are not taken with his aircraft (HV*Z). You are right about the horse shoe and it's not there.It would be visible infront of Mrs Lanowski.I doubt the aircraft in the photograph with the couple perched on the wing would be a different aircraft. I still think that machine is black anyway!

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