p51 vs p47

p47 or p51

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is this a question and why ? two different capable a/c and used for different missions in different theaters of the war. P-47 tops as a heavy ground attack machine, P-51 tops as a long range high altitude interceptor
then which one
you can't really compare the aircrafts but as the situation is, when someone is putting a gun to my head and asking me (;D ) i must say that the p47 perhaps was better. It could do several jobs as dive-bombing, intercepting and dogfighting. But as I said, You can not compare the aircrafts.....
I prefer the P-47. The M model was faster than most mustangs, the N model had a ridiculous range, and, 8 Browning .50's is better than six. I don't know nearly as much as the rest of you, but it could almost certainly dive faster, and was probably tougher to kill and more rugged. The P-51 has it in high-altitude performance, and probably is a bit more manuverable, but I'd still take the Jug.

Plus, I think it looked so much more manly, I love radials.
The P-51 had a longer range, too. The N was a little too late for the war, although I believe it saw some service in the Pacific.
Ah, yes, longer range.

I belive that the N did see service escorting B-29's during some of the final runs, it had a range of 2350 miles with tanks, if I'm not mistaken.

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