Photos from Mtn Home AFB airshow

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Staff Sergeant
Dec 5, 2004
Boise, Idaho
A couple of shots from an airshow at Mtn. Home AFB, Idaho. Sorry about the size of the shots.

All pictures were taken by myself in August 2005.


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    T-bird Opposed.jpg
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evangilder said:
Pretty cool. Were these film shots that were scanned?

No, I shot them with a Nikon 5700 digital camera. There is ~1 second lag between triggering the shot and the camera recording it, the trick is to catch the planes right at there closest point because the focus is off as they recede. The heritage flight caught me off guard, I'm hoping to have the telephoto doubler on this year. This one is with the 8 power zoom. I use the Fine jpg setting giving a ~25mg picture.

I tried to shrink them to less than 100kb but the T-33 seems a little bigger. I have more Thunderbird shots and a nice one of a St earman. I'll post them after I shrink them.

evangilder said:
I know what you mean about the shooting lag. I had that with my Canon Powershot and it drove me nuts. Once I upgraded to the Nikon D50, it is much better, but I shoot a hell of a lot more pictures.

I've heard the D50 is a lot better. I'm stuck with using an autofocus as I can only use my right hand fully (its still at half strength, but 90% functional), so manual focusing is beyond my abilities. I found out the hard way its not a good idea to break your neck.

My brother has a Nikon 8800 and it works nicely to, though there is still some shutter lag.

Yeah, the D50 AF is really fast, once you get it set up right. There is the AF-S mode and AF-C mode. It defaults to AF-S, which is static servo control. It focuses when you depress halfway one time. In AF-C, it is in continuous mode, and will continue to track and focus on moving objects. I know very few people that are doing manual focus with digital SLRs these days, and none of them do during air shows because you can turn the focus ring and the zoom ring at the same time, especially with a fast moving airplane!

Tough deal with your neck, man. But keep shooting!

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