picture needed

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Oct 13, 2004
great site! anyways, i am trying to track down a picture of a pilots briefing, with the big map and all the pilots. i tried searching for one, but no luck. thanks!
hope this is what u were after


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Well, they're yank. So, I'm saying B-25...there's only 6 of them. They are yank, right!?!
What? No guesses on the plane, or congratulations on my logical approach to things?
It is a logical approach, but I don't agree with your conclusion. The gear door is too low and the strut doesn't look like one from a B-25. Sorry. Compare with the pic below of Yellow Rose.

Looking at the picture though, it appears to me to be possible three crews of 2-seaters. The hats are the kicker. There are 2 guys with the busdriver hat and one with the envelope hat (also called the c*nt cap). There are also 3 guys with leather baseball caps with headsets. I am guessing the three with the ball caps on are back-seaters. Which airplane...who knows, but I am thinking if it may be a Pacific theater shot because they aren't bundled up and they are wearing mae wests more prominently.


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Possibly but only the Pilot and Co-pilot wore those officer hats...oh wait...so did the Navigator ...and bomb person...Bombardier

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