Pilots Needed Over Virtual Europe (World War II Online)

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Jun 16, 2014
Tampa, FL, USA
Well, some naughty German lads seem to think they can bomb the French and English factory towns with impunity. If you check this map (realtime game map)...

WebMap 2.0

...and put your mouse over [RDP], on the left, you will see the amount of damage to the factories of both sides. The fact these Luftwaffles...


...are flying their He 111s over our territory is an abomination! Even sightseeing is too much. For them to be dropping bombs is an outrage! I call upon all good people (sim pilots) to rise up and defend freedom! Come to World War II Online ( wwiionline.com ) and sign up today. Pilots can fly French or British planes...



...and, I guess you could even fly for the Axis, if you're cold and heartless. ;)

WWIIOL has a full realism physics model...aerodynamics, ballistics, damage modelling. With its graphics model, you also don't need a supercomputer to play it. It's the best of both worlds. It's a real-time 24/7 combined arms MMOFPS campaign game set on a 1/2 scale map of Europe. You can play as infantry, armor, support (AA and AT guns, transport (trucks)), air, and/or naval. The campaign goes on until one side wins. Then, after a few days break/intermission, war breaks out again. There's no other game that even comes close.

Hope to see you in the skies over Europe!

(And no, I'm not working for the Rats (devs - Cornered Rat Studios). I'm just a player.)
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