Pilots u know!

Whic plane would u have flown?

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P38 Pilot

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Jun 19, 2005
Auburn,Alabama; USA
My neighbor was telling me about a Corsair pilot that he knows who ws shot down twice in the pacific. i have met him and he deserves a medal!


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Spitfire F.21 - Griffon 85 - contra-rotating props. :twisted:
P-38, and found a photo of my ex-neighbor Col. Mike Alba (USAF ret). Mike flew P-38s and P-51s, got 3.5 kills and perfered the P-38 over the P-51!


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cardboard/paper. compressed paper is what I have been told by P-51 pilots that replaced the aluminum tanks in certain conditions

Huie Lamb, 262 killer


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ok since I brought up a Jug pilot, here is another freind and of the same squadron in the 78th fg. Dick Hewitt who later knocked down 2 Me 262s in his P-51


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Erich said:
cardboard/paper. compressed paper is what I have been told by P-51 pilots that replaced the aluminum tanks in certain conditions

Huie Lamb, 262 killer

Nice shots Erich! As a matter of fact, Mike Alba first told me of these tanks. I understand these were used quite frequently over Germany as the Allies didn't want to give up free raw materials :rolleyes:
The Germans salvaging drop tanks, hah, and they became what they'd always hated. :lol:

(official USN photo from my collection)

These are the pilots from VF-42 in a picture taken on February 7, 1942, aboard USS Yorktown (CV-5). Left to Right
Sitting: Brainerd Macomber, Art Brassfield, Dick Plott, Bill Leonard, Charlie Fenton, Oscar Pederson, Vince
McCormack, Bill Woollen, and Les Knox. Left to Right Standing: Duran Mattson, Dick Wright, Harry Gibbs, Bill
Barnes, John Baker, Doc McCuskey, Dick Crommelin, Johnny Adams, Ed Bassett, and Walt Haas.

Of this group I knew Fenton, Pedersen, McCormack, Woollen, McCuskey, Adams, and, of course, Leonard.

Knox and Baker were lost at Coral Sea, Bassett at Midway, and Crommelin off the coast of Hokkaido in July
1945. Wright was killed in a F9F crash in the early 1950's.

A fairly distinguished group in USN circles. Eight of these gents were eventually Captains (Macomber, Brassfield,
McCormack, Woollen, Gibbs, McCuskey, Adams, and Haas) and three were Rear Admirals (Fenton, Pedersen, and
Leonard). Four were aces by the end the war (Brassfield – 7, Leonard – 6 (4 with VF-42), McCuskey – 13.5 (6.5 with
VF-42), and Haas – 5). All together, the pilots in this picture were credited with 43 victories while serving in VF-42.

Macomber, Brassfield, Leonard, Woollen, Mattson, Wright, Gibbs, Barnes, McCuskey, Crommelin, Adams, Bassett, and
Haas were temporarily assigned to VF-3 after the Battle of the Coral Sea and flew with that squadron at the Battle of
Midway. Pedersen was CYAG at Coral Sea and Midway, prior to that he was CO VF-42. Fenton relieved him when he
moved up to CYAG.

Some of their awards were:
Adams – 2 NC, DFC
Baker – DFC
Barnes – NC, DFC
Bassett – NC
Brassfield – 2 NC
Crommelin – 2 NC
Fenton – NC
Gibbs – NC, DFC
Haas – 2 NC
Knox – NC
Leonard – 2 NC, DFC, BS(V)
Macomber – 2 NC
Mattson – NC
McCormack - NC
McCuskey – 2 NC, DFC
Pederson – DFC, BS(V), NCM(V)
Woollen – 2 NC
Wright – NC, DFC

Bill Leonard and Johnny Adams are the only two left.


Those are some great pictures FLYBOYJ! Your neighbor must have had

some great stories! My neighbor wasnt in WWII, but he served in the Air force for 20 yrs during the 80's i think.

If u have any stories about him, please share!!!! We would all love too here them! :tomcat:


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Maybe he served in it for 10 years during the 1880's, before the plane was invented, and after 10 years realised that the "Air Force" was not going to be invented until 1903. Then he retired and returned to the Air Force in the 1980's when there were some jobs available ;) :lol:

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