Plans to build a 1:5 spitfire ( generator)

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Jan 5, 2023
Hello all,

I want to build a Spitfire with a generator (wind turbine) in the front to get some free energy
Scale 1:5 so that i have some room to build in the generator. I will make the frame from wood with my cnc machine and want to make the skin from thin aluminium.
For a good result i need the dimensions of al the parts off the frame / ribs inside the plane and all other parts i want to make a detailed machine
Can someone help me with drawings of a Spitfire

There are multiple sites on the web sell incomplete sets of drawings. My suggestion is to get a subscription to WWII Era Military Blueprints & Manuals | AirCorps Library

It only costs a small monthly fee and they probably have as many blueprints as anyone. You can cancel whenever you want.

There is at least one site that claims to have a full set of blueprints and manuals and costs a fortune but only supplies a fraction of what is in their advertisements. They may have more but the only person I know who bought from them feels what is what is politely called extremely ripped off.
Look for plans for a R/C model. There are very detailed plan sets available in various scales, up to 1/4 scale. Ebay is a good source for these plans. Just search for 1/5 scale spitfire plans and templates and see what comes up.
you have quality plan and accessories here for 1/5 Spit :

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