1. E

    Compass ID

    Hello all I wonder if you could clarify if the P8 compass as pictured was used in the Spitfire? I originally bought a P10 advertised as for a Spitfire and didn’t do my due diligence and it’s larger for a Lancaster - still a beautiful thing! WW2 RAF AM P8 No.93170 Ref.6A/0.726 Thank you so...
  2. M

    RN204 Spitfire part request, trying to find from my grandad

    Can someone help me find my grandad’s spitfire part for RN204, shot down on 19th April over Germany in 1945. See attached, it was sold on ebay in 2014 I think. My grandad is Henry Cowan. Part Details… below from the guy who sold it on ebay in 2016. Forgot to mention in the forum that the...
  3. A

    Help Identify WW2 Spitfire Prop Blade

    Hi, I was hoping someone could shed some light on what WW2 aircraft this may have come from by its visible markings. I was told it was from. Supermarine Spitfire but I have no expertise to confirm this. thank you in advance.
  4. D

    Spitfire what do the letters on the end of the mark mean

    Hi what are the differences between the letters on the end of a spitfire mark e.g mkIXc and mkIXb
  5. Dronescapes

    Allied Aircraft Of WWII. Northrop N-3PB, and Supermarine Spitfire.

    Allied Aircraft Of WWII. Northrop N-3PB, and Supermarine Spitfire. https://youtu.be/hrc5_pW0Dt4
  6. Dronescapes

    The Battle Of Britain. Remembering Spitfire Ace Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader

    The Battle Of Britain. Remembering Spitfire Ace Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader https://youtu.be/P_L4Ih5UwA0
  7. E

    WW2 Plane Clock ID help for new member enthusiast please 😊

    Hello there! My young daughter and I are new enthusiasts and love this forum as learning so much! I have bought what was positioned as a “WW2 VINTAGE AIR MINISTRY SPITFIRE 8 DAY COCKPIT CLOCK 6A/1104 MK II C TICKING[/H1]” as a gift and I just wanted to check if it was so it’s not a...
  8. fritzthefox

    Fantastic Flying Tales

    Fantastic Flying Tales is a 70-page softcover book containing eleven illustrated stories of aviation adventure. Eight of them are true. Two are historical fiction based on true events. One is arguably nonsense, but pretty funny. They are ALL lavishly illustrated, unusual and entertaining. This...
  9. J

    Plans to build a 1:5 spitfire ( generator)

    Hello all, I want to build a Spitfire with a generator (wind turbine) in the front to get some free energy Scale 1:5 so that i have some room to build in the generator. I will make the frame from wood with my cnc machine and want to make the skin from thin aluminium. For a good result i need...

    Griffon Spitfire was better than any Bf109?

    This chart is showing Spitfire Mk.XIV was overwhelmed all of Bf109Gs. I think Spit can overwhelmed Bf109s for climbing rate and turn radious too. So Griffon Spit was better fighter than Bf109?
  11. I

    Plane photo porn. New Photo Archive book series He111 Stirling Lancaster Gladiator and more

    A new series of books. All original, often unpublished photos, in a big landscape A4 format, on glossy paper. With specially commissioned colour digital profiles for modellers, artists and enthusiasts. No 'restored' aircraft here. A full Youtube review from Nige's Modelling Bench here: The...
  12. B

    Four-cannon Spitfire Vc non-tropicalised?

    Hello! I have a question regarding Spitfire Vs. From what I've learned, the earliest Spitfire Vcs were supplied with four 20mm cannons in the wing, without the Vokes filter. I have seen some photos of these aircraft (AA873, EN767), but I'm wondering if any people may have photos of other Spits...
  13. djos

    Spitfire Mk VB 1/72 year 1970+

    One more from previous year, After many years in stash...finished, an old Airfix Spitfire VB, upgraded as much as my nerves allowed, engraving, some cockpit details, added mirror according to documented pictures of Zumbach plane, high located on two support bars. Colors Hataka...
  14. Master_Ale_88

    Question about RAF Roundels pale outer ring

    Hi everybody, I have recently decided to make a small research about RAF roundels applied during WWII. I came across some photos of aircraft showing a particular configuration. It seems that the outer ring of the fuselage roundels has been painted over or, somehow, it has left a sort of "trace"...
  15. Master_Ale_88

    Speed Spitfire max speed...unknown?!

    Hi everybody, Reading the Valiant publishing concerning the Spitfire Merlin powered versions I came to know about a special version of this legendary aircraft: the "Speed Spitfire". It was a modified version of the Mk. I Spitfire created in 1937 to beat the world top speed record. Unfortunately...
  16. J

    Can anyone help me identify if this is from a Spitfire or a Hurricane ?

    Afternoon everyone, My next door was given this after his son sadly passed away and he had been told (like many other posts I’ve seen) that this could potentially be the rear wheel from a Spit or a Hurricane, Can anyone help me out in identifying it ? I think that maybe the red side of the...
  17. NatanielHewelt

    What does M Ratio and S Ratio mean in the RAF pilot's notes?

    In the pilot's notes for both the Hurricane (AP1564B) and Spitfire (AP1565E) there is no mention of what M and S ratio actually pertains to. There is no explanation I could find in pilot's notes general (AP2095 ) either. Any help in understanding exactly what this setting is would be greatly...
  18. F

    New Member.

    Hello all, I've just joined although I am no longer a plastic modeller. I did start a long time ago when Airfix first brought out the Spitfire in a poly bag with a folded card at the top, I bought my first one from Woolworths for 2 shillings ( 10p in new money). My reason for joining is that I...
  19. Aviation History: The Supermarine Spitfire

    Aviation History: The Supermarine Spitfire

    The Supermarine Spitfire is an icon and one of the most famous planes of World War Two. Designed by R.J Mitchel, it would provide vital services for the Allies throughout the Second World War and became one of the few Allied aircraft to be manufactured before, throughout and after the war. In...
  20. Todd Secrest

    WW2 Battle of Britain, how many bombers (or fighters) did the Hurricane shoot down, compared to the Spitfire?

    In the Battle of Britain, the Hurricane shot down about twice as many Nazi (german) aircraft, compared to the Spitfire. How many bombers (HE-111, Stuka, etc) did the Hurricane shoot down and how many bombers did the Spitfire shoot down? And how many German fighter were shoot down (Hurricane vs...