Please I am in need of this question answered. ASAP

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May 17, 2005
On the BF 109E, on the cowling there is an air vent thing that sticks out of right side(if you are facing it in the front. I would love to learn what it is called and what it does. I thought it was to help cool the oil for the DB 601 inline engine, but I am not sure. I would also like to know, if it is the same thing as on the Fw-190 (on the right side) and the A6M2 Zero fighter (underneath of the engine). Your response is greatly appreciated. I am need of this for a class I am going to teach on World War II aircraft.

The air vent on the right side (If u face the 109e) was used to cool the compressor, if u can see a picture of the db601 its the roundle shaped piece wich is in the right, if u face the engine. see below...hope to be usefull


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I dont know if i wolud be able to do it whit my english, but i will try...The compresor worked in the same way that do it in your car, changing the presure of the fuel geting into the engine,which was necesary when the aircraft made a negative g movement,and to keep a good rpm of the engine....

I did my best, but my english is not very nice, :oops: hope was enough
I got tghe information from a technical drawing of the Bf-109e, I hope I was not wrong

Pardon?? Did u say "the pilot of our zero"?? Its to be suposed you work with a zero in flying condition :shock:....ufff....My live is very sad. ;)
Wow!!!! U are very lucky...Here in the south of Europe its quite dificult to find a good museum of warbirds,we have some Heinkel 111,and heinkel 52 in madrid, and I use to go in summer to York, in England, and they have a very nice museum in an ex Halifax bombers base,Elvintong...But you are a very,very,very lucky guy.....I feel jelous.

Enjoy it, and please share your expirence over there with us!!! :)
Thanks for all your help guys! I think you were right about it being an oil cooler under the A6M2 because I remember reading that somewere but I was not sure. So if I am understanding this correctly the compresser intake is to help keep the fuel lines pressurized in flight by using outside air. And as I am understanding this the BF 109E does not have supercharger because the compresser acts like a supercharger. Correct???

Thanks Koga
I think that the intake is just to cool the compresor/supercharger, i dont know if the air is used to increase the presure aswell...but i dont think so.Anyway Im not engineer, Im just telling U what I read in books and articles or papers...

Can I ask u what kind of class is the one u have to teach, I teach sports, but I will love to teach about ww2 aircraft. Sure u will success
The class is for Civil Air Patrol. The class is about aerospace education. I decided to teach one about world war II aircraft. I am only doing the main fighter planes though because there is way to many planes to cover.

You could certainly fill a class timeline with just fighters! There are so many of them. There are probably some guys here that could teach an entire class on just one type of airplane! I give 1 hour presentations once a month on an airplane and a battle the it was involved with in the museum.
Its a Canon S series. I don't remember which one off the top of my head and it's at home. But it's 5 megapixels. My only complaint is that the zoom is lacking on it. I want to upgrade to an SLR style with interchangeable lenses at some point to be able to get better zoom and the ability to capture flying scenes.
Thank you everybody for you input. Thank you for confirming that it was and oil cooler beneath the zeo's engine.

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