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Mar 16, 2005
Please, forgive me posting the topic COMPLETELY unrelated to the site, but I had to do it.

I would like to ask all of you, even if you are not Roman Catholics to join us, the Catholics and Poles in the prayer for the soul of our beloved Pope John Paul II, who is about to abandon this world and to be welcomed by the Almghty God in heaven.
Yes, it's a sad thing, but everyone knew it was coming.

I think people should celebrate his life and achivements in this world as well as mourn his passing.
rest assured if Pope John Paul knew Jesus Christ as his saviour and Lord you have nothing to worry about. praying for his soul right now will not do anything to help him except to comfort your ownselves.

Remember gents he is just a man just like you an me
We should be happy, that he is about to reach eternity, I know that, but most people including myself can't prevent themselves from thinking:
"why does he abandon us? we will be orphans without our beloved father".
I met John Paul II several times during his pilgrimage visits to Poland and I can't imagine what will be when all is over.
Yes, people should celebrate his life and his achievements, as he have done to the world, not only to the Church, more than most politicians. As one Polish priest said today, the Pope wanted to create a single Human Family. And watching the news broadcasts from all of the world I have an impression that he managed to do that.
I'm not R.C myself, but I thought seeing him at Easter was terribly sad.

I can't help but think that he ought to have taken it more easy on the work. His schedules would have been punishing even for a much younger person in perfect health.
you'll be an orphan without your father ? The only true Father is the Lord God himself. As I said any and all popes are just mere men like all of us. there position was elected by other men such as he from a collective.

If anything pray for the worlds leaders and the strife amongst all the nations and an end to terrorism
From what I've read about him, he seriously liked the great outdoors and hill walking - in fact he wore D.M hiking boots under his robes! It's true!
ah a lover of mountains.....................good choice. Closer communique' with the Lord.

Been a Mountain guide since ? geez has it been that long.....ooooooooops I am letting some of my past show.
Pope John Paul II walks along a mountain trail during a trip in the Italian Alps near Les Combes on August 1st, 2000.

Not bad for a chap of his age! Told you the D.M boots thing was true!


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Medvedya said:
Pope John Paul II walks along a mountain trail during a trip in the Italian Alps near Les Combes on August 1st, 2000.

Not bad for a chap of his age! Told you the D.M boots thing was true!

Of his age and of his poor health...


for me, for millions of Poles and for hundreds of millions of people around the world he IS NOT an ordinary man. For us John Paul II, the Holy Father is somehow truly a father, a spiritual leader, an example how to live, how to communicate with other people, other religions, other cultures and how to suffer with dignity.

It can seem funny but that's the way we feel
your example and for all of us is Jesus Christ. No-one on this earth can replace Him although we try as we might as we are mortal sinners.

I know perfectly well how Catholics feel and I mean no disresepct to your faith and views but I am not in agreeance. You do not answer to the Popes remember that...........
Nobody is replacing Jesus Christ on the Earth. The Pope, after St Peter is Christ's regent here, among people.
Brunner I am going to have to disagree again, we are all chosen friend, that's all part of our faith in Jesus Christ. We are all equal in Him.......

ok I am going to leave this alone......

cheers, and hopeful it has made a few of you think on the matter
Dont worry Erich, I agree where you are coming from. Please dont take me wrong when I say this. I do not wish death upon anyone but I will not shead a tear. In fact as Erich said I will leave this one alone, I dont want to get into a reliegous argument.
I respect your request and your beliefs Erich and I am very sorry you have lost your Pope.
However my own opinion is that I prefer not to enter into any religious discussions regarding anybodies personnel beliefs.

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