Probably should have but didn't make ?

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Oct 23, 2007
Just a question on kits over time that anyone would expect to have made. I started in the sixties with mostly
Airfix which was predominant in 1/72 scale.

Save up the 79 cents and buy a kit, make it etc and start saving for the next one. Wanted a Short Stirling so I had
to do wood chopping and lawn mowing for a while due to needing several dollars.

All ok. Just like everybody else.

It hit me today that there are some glaring omissions as to what I built over time.
Too many to choose from ? Didn't get around to it ?

Ok. Here we go. Never got or made *cough* cough * the Me-109 of any type.

Also, Hurricane, P-51, P-47, Typhoon just to name a few.

Did make the Lyssander and the float version of the JU-52 if that helps.

Anyone else care to join the embarrassment ?
Have to also admit I only got a zero recently as it was going cheap. Academy - don't know as to accuracy but it went together well.
Didn't look at anything that was not British until I joined this motley crew and by then I had retired and now I realize just how much I missed.

PS. Only got hooked here because of Terry and Jan chatting about 56 Squadron, my building theme at the time. Thank guys. :thumbright: :thumbright: :thumbright: :D

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