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May 10, 2005
A helping hand for the engineers whom might be watchin this


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When in 11 Sqd. my dad knew an aircraft electrician (as he was) from Wolverhampton, called Norman. Norman was, as my dad puts, quite the foul mouthed sod and was extremely basic despite the fact that he was a technician.
When writing out fault sheets, as you do, instead of writing technical terms and a technical description he would write such things as..."Altimeter, fuck-ed"...keep in mind this was an official form that would go into the MOD records. When quizzed about it he would say "Well, it's fuck-ed isn't it?"

Another story from him was that an officer phoned up their bay to ask for someone, all my dad and the others heard from Norman was "Do you know who I am?....Well fuck off then!" when quizzed he informed everyone that it was some officer asking for someone and when he refused to reply the officer shouted "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" to which Norman replied as mentioned before.
Some of the old timers I've worked with did things like that too, and almost always got away with it. Man, if I tried that I'd be hung. Especially nowadays with all of this politically correct crap. :rolleyes:

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