Question on "Bell green colour"

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Dec 16, 2009
Milan, Italy
I just started building a P-39 from the Special Hobby kit, pictures soon in the relevant session, and I have a question about the "Bell green" to be used for the interior.
One suggestion found surfing the web is to use Gunze H302 Bronze Green, any other, possibly referred to acrylic colours?
Many thanks in advance.
From this site...Color Reference Charts - Gunze Sangyo The F.S. number matches Gunze H302

Bronze Green.jpg

Though you want acrylics, I liked Humbrol 75 over the charts Humbrol 149

Vallejo 70.895 GUNSHIP GREEN (FS34092)

Vallejo Air 71.124 USAF GREEN (FS34092)

Model Master 4729 Euro 1 Dark Gray FS34092

Italeri Acrylics 4314 Flat Medium Green (I) F.S.34092

Pactra A31 Dark Green FS34092
Here's the photo - I had to scan it in two parts, as it was too big for my scanner.
This is the aircraft in the USAF Museum, Dayton, Ohio, and although the interior appears to be black, there is a slight contrast, more visible in my example, between the colour of the instrument panels and consoles, and the closed door on the port side. It's possible that this is Bronze Green, which is quite dark, and looking darker due to the lighting used for the original photo. Of course, it might have been re-painted black at some time too !


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Many thanks to all for your answer and for the link to IPMS Stockholm.
I have the Bert Kinzey book where al colour pictures shows a dark green interior colour.
I will purchase both Gunze, Tamiya and Vallejo and I will do some tests.
That's green? Looks like black to these eyes.

I agree Jim, but look very closely, especially at the right rudder pedal, and the door sill on the closed door, and there is just a hint of green. But, it's very possible that the doors are black, and perhaps not the original colour.

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