1. Venomstick121

    How good was the soviet air force?

    When I think of WW2 air combat i think of the US with the mustangs, the British with the Spitfires, the Germans with 109s and 190s, the Japanese with Zeros, and the Italians with the RE.2001. I almost never hear of soviet air to air. I have heard of the Il-2 and IL-10 which are both ground...
  2. S

    What if the Bf110 only have one pilot?

    My question is actually pretty simple. What would have been the implications if the bf 110 only had 1 pilot and became a heavy fighter just like the P-38. Would the performance be greater with it having significantly reduced weight? Or would the weight saved be not enough to make a difference...
  3. B

    Low level B24 run?

    What’s up with this picture? It’s relatively famous, but I’ve never seen an explanation why B-24’s would be conducting a bombing run so dang low...
  4. contrails16

    What’s the Story?

    Hi all! I am a new member and am just curious, when did this forum open, and who were the founding members? I look forward to future aircraft discussions, thank you :)
  5. T

    Information On The Deutscheluftwaffe Website?

    I saw recently that the old deutscheluftwaffe website is unavailable for access for at least a day. I also know from the main Deutscheluftwaffe | Instrumente Technik und mehr website that the webmasters have been modifying the website for some time now. I was wondering if anyone knows about...
  6. Kai Stemm

    Difference between M5a1 Stuart and m3a1 Stuart

    I note the slope on the right side of the turret but I have a few questions. 1. Is this the only difference 2. What is the point of the slope
  7. Lucky13

    Junkers Ju 87B-1, when and where....?

    Found a couple Junkers Ju 87B-1 in Norway....Question is, was there any still in use during the Battle of Britain?
  8. P

    A Super Lightning?

    During World War II, the Lockheed developed a long-range version of its famous fighter P-38 Lightning, however, due to technical problems the project was canceled. The link below provides a collection of interesting photos of the plane and a question: If the plane had entered service, have...
  9. JKim

    Me 262 Question

    Hi people! Quick question... on my wish list as a future build is a ME 262B-1a/U1 as a night fighter and have wondered what the upper wing camo looked like? Most commonly, I've seen the upper wings match the upper fuselage mottle but I've also seen a few profiles showing a splinter pattern on...
  10. al49

    Question on "Bell green colour"

    Hi, I just started building a P-39 from the Special Hobby kit, pictures soon in the relevant session, and I have a question about the "Bell green" to be used for the interior. One suggestion found surfing the web is to use Gunze H302 Bronze Green, any other, possibly referred to acrylic...
  11. vikingBerserker

    Question about Lost in Combat

    I have an odd question that has come up in conversations with several other people and I wanted to run it by you guys. If a military plane was destroyed on the ground during Pearl Harbor, would that aircraft be considered as having been lost or destroyed during combat?
  12. Lucky13

    Eduard 1/48 Fw 190 Nachtjäger...

    This one has poked my interest..... Question is though, was there any.......wait for it.....(drumroll) 13's?
  13. CommanderBounds

    First Time Groupbuilder Questions

    Well guys considering I'm starting out on my first groupbuild I have few questions. What does the category mean And how exactly do you determine it? Is it based on skill level,scale or something else? Also what are the rules for the competition? Is it Judged by category? And do you have to enter...
  14. T

    Intro and Hopefully an Interesting Question

    I recently got into airplane modeling, and have chosen to build planes from WWII. To me, there were so many iconic planes, across so many different nations, deciding to build WWII model airplanes was a no brainer. I want to display my planes with a little information about each one- most of...