R.I.P. Ashley-Pitt

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Always enjoyed his character Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard on NCIS. His performances were one of the reasons I enjoyed the show. It's awesome that he continued working, doing what he loved, until relatively recently. A great actor and, by all accounts, a lovely gentleman.

Farewell Ashley/Ducky, you'll be missed!
Ducky Mallard should have been a member here. From the man from UNCLE through all sorts of things like Colditz The Invisible Man and NCIS he spans the time when I started watching TV and then stopped. There was an episode of NCIS where he mentioned the locomotive.
David McCallum didn't appear in 633 Squadron. Unfortunately, his talents were wasted in the follow-on "Mosquito Squadron" which was nowhere near as good.
Yes I seem to have gotten the movie wrong but I did enjoy it. I did enjoy both movies to be truthful.

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