RAF Coastal Command B-17s

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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
any pics of B-17s in coastal command colours would be greatly aprechiated, thanks.....................
Best I could find, sorry. There was a black and white one i found if you want it.

well i found this for you, must of the pics i saw were of sunderland's and b-24's,


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yeah i already found the model pics, thanks though................

B-17s in the RAF ?

oh yeah, we bought 20 B-17Cs and re-named them Fortress Is. 90 Squadron were the only unit in the RAF to use them but were the first to use the fortress in anger, we bought them really just to try out the idea of high level bombing, however there were lots of problems and even people dying on flights due to the altitude, as such bomber command didn't buy anymore and gave up the idea of high level bombing, which is one of the reasons most british bombers had a low ceiling.....................
Hmmm... That reminds me the post I made a while back...

"11. A number of air crewman died of farts (ascending to 20,000 ft. in an unpressurized aircraft causes intestinal gas to expand 300%)."

Anyway, thanks for the information. :D
i wounder can i make a modle of a b-17 :?:


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well i can give it a shot. i am useing maya 5.0.1 complet for a few months now. but you proberly wouldnet belive me if il do it.

and i will need blueprints of a b-17 and pics from all sides,


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Computer Aided Design :D I modified it slightly though to "Computer Aided Designer" :D

Or if you wanna look at it in a totally different way, a stereotypical British person :D

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