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The best you can do is go to and register there, then you can search for key words like " Macchi" "Russia" etc, I am registered for a while and I saw a few of these.

I am surprised the many guncam available, some of these showing the Macchis and Fiats strafing fiercely the british ground forces in Africa.
CB, I registered there and found a few but from what I can see you can only stream them, and my connection is so slow they wont even load. Do you know if theres any way I can download them from the site?
It simply dont work, I try even with powerful download acceleration software but the java script files are not compatible for the operation
" save target as..."

I can see those at a decent speed because I have a 512 MB connection... ;)
I'm not going to live this down, someone who loves Italy doesn't even recognise the language!
Damn looking at it again I cant figure for the life of me why I thought it was Spanish...I need Rehab :lol:

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