Reginald Mitchell

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Jan 13, 2006
Mitchell's Spitfire was IMHO the outstanding aircraft of the war being upgraded to remain with front line service trough out war.
I wonder what designs Mitchell would have developed if he had not tragically die in 1937, a twin Spit perhaps?
Joe Smith did an excellent job when he replaced Mitchell.
Good question!

I think the Spiti was developed in very dramatic way without Mitchell. The Spiti I wing span was 36 ft 10 in, lenght was 29 ft 11 in, max weight 5819 pounds, max speed 362 mph. The Spiti 21 span was 40 ft 4 in, lenght was 32,8 ft 8 in, max weight 9124 pounds, max speed 457 mph.
Maybe Mitchel would live longer, he wouldn't develop his beautifully little fighter such a aggressive way.
With regard to the original post; Never have truer words been spoken on an aviation forum.
Without this superb designer, and his rightfully acknowledged legendary fighter, along with the venerable Hurricane and radar (what a combination), WW2 would have been over in the West in 1940.
The USA wouldn't have ever been involved in the war against Germany. Wonder what would have happened if that scenario had unfolded?

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