Remains from the Dukla battle....

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
As a matter of my research for my WW2 school project, I found co-incidentally this site (which has nothing to do with the WW2, by the way):〈=1&i=543&mm=3&xb=1&PHPSESSID=51fc3f8700fa4f33c27f3f5aa16eafbf
These relics are all over the area of Dukla, where the famous Battle of Dukla Pass was fought between the Czechoslovak Army Corps supported by Soviet 38th Army and the German Wehrmacht....

Anyone capable of identifying these parts?
The last two look like Katuscha rockets...
Anyway, it's an interesting hobby, this "picking"... I think I'd like to try it. Anyone has any experiences with this kind of hobby?

BTW, my friends have been to Dukla several times. I'd love to go there too. Maybe in the Summer...

Here is the only pic I was able to find right now, I'll try to find more.


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Yes, I thought the same thing... On the top of it, it is a memorial to the fallen... But we must keep the fact it is a good composed photography...

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