Remembering Mriya

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Change the motherboard battery?
The BIOS battery can last quite sime time.

The problem is, the capacitors can degrade over time, like cheap batteries and they can be the culprit behind a stored PC failing to operate.

In the world of electronics, the electrolytic capacitors are usually the cheapest a manufacturer can find and are the main reason behind a three year lifespan of TVs, Monitors, power supplies and MoBos.

I typically replace the OEM caps (that cost about .02 cents per unit) with high-end caps (that cost about .15 cents per unit) and have yet to see any of my equipment fail.
I had a new KDS LCD monitor fail after two years (back in 2008), replaced the five caps in it's power supply and it worked flawlessly right up to when I put it in storage back in 2019 - a span of 11 years.
Such a terrible shame ! It was an amazing plane. I was lucky enough to see a flight demo when it was at the Abbotsford airshow years and years ago. The death and destruction in this pointless war is heartbreaking !!
Looking at the impact point, wondering if someone sabotaged the aircraft by turning on a transponder or GPS for missile to track on? Roof damage in hangar looks like the roof panels blown outwards ruling out lucky strike from above. In the Video, get rid of that horrible music.

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