Revell/Special Hobby Hawker Tempest 1/32- Finished (1 Viewer)

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Thks Guys for all the kind comments personally I feel I kind of overdid it seeing that alot of these crates were actually well maintained.The story will be she's been a work horse since 6/6/1944 :notworthy:
LG's are in place not all the doors yet and the canopy is just laying in place.


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Alright time to move on fellas to the next project.The inner door actuators kept braking off so made out of .015" guitar string with a brass head then drilled the body of the actuator and just glued to the door only(bad pic).I used Alcad smoke first time ever using it easy just went a little heavy on the R/side of the plane.The bombs got a wash of Tamiya brown right on MrColor and then Tamiya grey wash both done with a q-tip did not touch the paint.Thanks for all the kind comments and likes Guys Mucha Appreciated. :notworthy:


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