REVI 16B user manual (pdf)

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Did the FW 190 A-8 had this type of Revi or was it the 16D version? - Kurtl
I'm having a little problem with page 15...their seems to be an illustration missing from the page. I can see a cutaway illustration of the revi it flickers and disappear's...Is anyone else having this problem? I'm using "Foxit PDF Reader"...should I be using Adobe?
Hum weird though, just tried downloading a few files from his website and they all come up with errors. Do you need the file? If so I can upload it here as I said I do have it
All good Paul, it worked for me last nite. I've had that problem on a few other sites; won't work today, works a week from now. It is weird though.

Thanks, I also found a couple on the C12C, not sure if they came from that site or some where else.

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