RNZAF WW2 Roundels colour ?

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Ok i'm in the process of bui!ding a model of Geoff Friskins P-40 M-5.
I have 2 sets of decals for this subject 1 set has very pale blue roundels the other are dark blue as in RAF roundel blue.

I have re read Wayne and Glenn's builds from waaaayyyyyy back in group build #8 and noticed Waynes roundels were dark blue yet Glenns were the lighter pale blue shade.

**** FINISHED: Curtiss P-40M Wairarapa Wildcat FO Geoffrey Fisken Commonwealth GB

**** FINISHED: Curtiss P-40M-5 Kittyhawk III, 'Wairarapa Wildcat', C'wealth GB

Any thoughts on what colour RNZAF roundels were ?

To answer your Query in the shortest way possible, WWII RNZAF Pacific
Roundel was a Dark Blue, so the 2nd Fisken P40M has the Correct colour.
Irrespective of What the Web SAGE's (Self Appointed Guru Experts) state
RNZAF WWII Pacific Roundels were never a Pale/Light Blue or anything like it


With Alan, though I will add that paints seem to have faded down and weathered fairly quickly in the Pacific, roundels (and paintschemes) often apppearing to be very light at times in photos. This might be the cause of the misinterpretation.

Looking forward to the build Karl!

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