F4U2 Corsair Nightfighting Colour Schemes

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Feb 12, 2022

Bit of a lurker here but need some assistance if possible, am looking to build a F4U2 corsair this was the nightfightning variant , the early one with the birdcage canopy not the later bubble canopied night fighters of the Korean war era.

There were some flown by USN squadrons ashore and some detached as VF-75N aboard enterprise and still more formed detachments of the day fighter squadrons on other carriers.

This was early 44 till the end of the war. So my question is what colour scheme? I've looked around the Web and the few images available are pretty mixed tbh. I've seen one where it's two tone intermediate blue uppers, insignia white undersides, one with a what appears to be a tri colour scheme, and one where it looks like the dark blue of the tri scheme extends down the fuselage sides to meet the white.

Anyone able to give me any advice on what the schemes were or point me to any good sources?


I don't believe the F4U-2's had a special paint scheme. They were the Standard F4U-1 paint scheme for when ever those Bureau Numbers came down the production line.

"Because Vought was heavily committed to meet schedules on other programs, arrangements were made with the Naval Aircraft Factory at Philadelphia, Pa. to convert production F4U-l's to the F4U-2 configuration. A total of 34 F4U-1's were converted to F4U-2's. Thirty two conversions were made at the Naval Aircraft Factory and two were made in the field at Rio Island, Kwajalein Atoll."
Sidebar: F4U-2s went to two navy squadrons, VF(N)-75 land-based in the Solomons and VF(N)-101with detachments aboard Enterprise and Intrepid early 44.
VMF(N)-532 had 'em in the Marshall Islands.

I knew Chick Harmer tolerably well. He was justifiably proud that his Enterprise pilots operated Corsairs on a straight-deck carrier AT NIGHT without a loss
Folks, thanks much yournreplies are a great help


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