rocks on rocks

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Jun 8, 2018
Okay, I think this is the proper way to introduce the rockhound thing. The picture is of chert, the uglier cousin of agate and jasper. Chert is used for knapping, as in making arrowheads and such. This hunk of chert has a huge depression that has small stalactite structures that have precipitated out and one is, to me, a bit suggestive of something else. chirtin 022.JPGchirtin 019.JPGchirtin 021.JPG
These are a rock called chert, which is in the agate family. One picture is in natural light, the second is in 365nm UV light. To me it's like looking into a whole new world. lum6-28 036.JPGlum6-28 037.JPGlum6-28 039.JPGlum6-28 040.JPG

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