Roy's pics from TV, etc

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Apr 6, 2005
Swordfish pic from TV... just after start up methinks.

The start of a single thread of my photos of which I have thousands...


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Crazy plane the old Stringbag... the first TSR2 but had a longer and more auspicious career than the jet version a quarter century later... plus we still have flying Stringbags while the BAC TSR2 languishes as a museum exhibit.

So, the Swordfish engine has the same name as the Harrier engine? That's a bit unimaginative isn't it? Both great engines though.
actually the correct designation for the plane the stringbag originated from was TSR.II, the two being in roman numerals, whilst the jet is the TSR.2, the two being in arabic numerials...........
I visited Chino in the mid-80s. Wandered around happily snapping whatever plane took my fancy with no one taking me to task about it.

Here is Big Bad Bonnie, the B25 which used to appear at UK airshows back then. Came over for that film Hannover Street I think and stayed for a few years. I was surprised to see this beastie back in the USA.

Another memory is seeing some lucky chap having a joyride in a two seat P51!


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Nice shot Roy
The TSR2 would have made one hell of a torpedo plane at the speed it flew you would'nt need a war head Just sharpen the torpedos nose and use them like giant darts, it'd go right through a destroyer and out the other side :)
I remember seeing the 109 Black 6 flying from Duxford and they the same method for the 109. It struck me as ironic, that one of the most modern Planes around in the war had to be started like an Austin 7.

Strange combination of old and new.

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