Same v Same combats

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Jan 19, 2006
Hello, I've been reading this forum for a while and decided to register and try my first post.

Reading an earlier subject of the Hurricane in Finnish markings made me wonder if aircraft of the same make ever fought.

I'm thinking the possibility of Finnish v Russian Hurricanes in combat, Finnish and German 109's (later in the war) and possibly Yugoslav 109's v German 109's.

Any other examples?

Anyway thanks in advance for any replies.
Damn that late still, 1960!!!

I really don think that Finnish Bf-109s fought against German Bf-109s, not sure though, it really may have happened. I would not be surprised though about the Finnish Hurricanes vs. Russian ones.
In the continuation war, captured ex-soviet LaGG-3s of Finnish airforce shot down only one enemy plane. This happened in spring of 1944, when enemy were still using lots of LaGGs, and of course the victim was a LaGG too! I think we had only three captured LaGGs. This is a low figure compared to the claims, maybe it has something to do with the plane's hard-to-repair wooden structure.
During the Balkan-campaign, Hans-Ekkehard Bob shot down two Yugoslavian Bf 109 D-types...

According to recorded data and sources, Yugoslav Bf -109E pilots hit:

7 German Bf-109E
2 Bf-110
4 Ju-87
1 Ju-88
1 He-111
2 Do-17
2 Hs -126
as well as an Italian Cant Z -1007 bis

Most probably another 4 enemy aircraft were hit their type was not confirmed, though... Another 14 were severely damaged, the consequences being the fall, breaking or even destruction of the aircraft. Among those were 3 Bf-109, 2 Bf-110, 3 Ju-87, 1 Ju-88, 1 Do-17 and 1 He -111....
I am pretty sure at first, they were not aware of it. Hitler actually thought that England and France would stay out and that it would be a war with Russia. I am sure all these countries that he supplied 109s to ie. Finnland, Yugoslavia and so forth would be on his side fighting the Russians and they were for a while.

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