Satellite Imagery of Davis Monthan Storage Facility

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
I was playing aound with the new MSN virtual earth, and on a whim I decided to see what was at the D-M boneyard.

Look at what I found. Nice aerial images of all the aircraft being stored at the airbase.

To see it for yourself, go to this website.

Now using the road map, zoom in on the NE and E part of Tuscon, Arizona.
When you get to 3 mile resolution, center the map for where "Davis-Monthan Airforce Base" is in the middle.
When youre at .7 mile resolution, switch to aerial photo. Keep zooming in till you see the airplanes. You can easily pan around too.


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probably,watchin the current state of the russian armed forces,every base is a boneyard
While the Russian armed forces was operational they probably had their obsolete aircraft stored as Air Defence Guard aircraft ready to be used to bolster the Russian forces...
Both the US and Russia dump stategic bombers in open air boneyards so that their destruction, pursuant to treaties, can be verified through satellite imagery. (Note the clearly dismembered B-52's.)

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