Schneider Trophy winners

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Oct 18, 2005
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I am thinking of possibly writing a book on this subject due to what i can see s big lack of. So i am looking for any info on the aeroplanes that won the events, Who flew them, Where they where held etc and also photos would be great. Thank you in advance.
Go to the Science museum in South Kensington Ollie the out right holder of the Schneider Trophy the Supermarine S6B is hanging from the ceiling there.
406 MPH in 1931 aint bad going. Bet it would have knocked up at least another 30-40mph without those damn great floats on
(I suppose you knew all that already).
Good idea for a book though.
From what i can find there is a clear lack of books on this great event. I have always had a love for seaplanes. Does anyone have any photos of the S6b that i could use. Of course i will acredit you as the photographer and you will still hold copyright. Or any origional photos of the era.
Also any info or specs on the planes themselves. Maybe even some background info on the pilots. Of course Jimmy Doolittle flew and won one event so there should be no problem finding info on him but how about the others.
I.m going up the smoke next thursday Ollie and I'll nip into the science museum for you and get some shots of Mitchells S6B what info they have and a picture of the Schnieder trophy which as I say was won outright by the plane. no need to credit any of my shots there for everyone on this site.
Go to the RG Mitchell website, I forget the URL. It's got a good history of the Schneider Cup.
Glider said:
Trackend. I suspect he wouldn't have got very far without the floats. If I remember correctly that's where the fuel tanks are.
I did realize that Glider ;) the wings are like razor blades but I was just surmising how much the floats effected the top speed.
The Italian planes just used to break-down all the time. Which is stereotypically Italian equipment.
I know it as Fix It Again Tommorow...but whatever works.
Very good CC but who claimed the Schnieder trophy outright.
GB three times winners in a row and 5 wins in total, Italy 3, USA 2 France 1.


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It wasn't ready in time though. And with most of the revolutionary Italian designs of the 30s, it would have probably broken down on the day.
Well it is a fact that the MC72 was not ready in time for the Schneider cup, it is a fact that (like all racing airplanes, cars and trucks) was easy to broke and it is a fact that the MC 72 still holds the world speed record for prop seaplanes with 709 kmh.
I have some info in an old magazine, if I find it I will post some more details.

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