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Yes, great job. Any chance one day you will do a Mitsubishi G4M Betty? It is largely a forgotten aircraft of WW2 as far as modelling goes. At least here it is...
I really love your SM85 Gerar. That bird had a very modern design for its time.
And thanks for the tips. Definitely scratch building is the way to learn the best modelling techniques.
Gerar I am brand new here...first post in fact and I am totally impressed. Can you possibly tell me where you get the great plans? Especially ones you can trace formers from. I use to build both balsa and hardwood solid static models when i was a kid in the late 40s into the 50s. The nostalgic feelings I get looking at your models is mind bending.
Yes, please post some of your sources as I am curious and collect the plans of the aircraft when I can get them. Very good job. Soon you might have a whole world of aircraft displayed.
Hi Guys.....
Very happy many of you have liked my wood models....."like models used to be"...
Ok plans sources..........check this site, it gives a bunch of links to 3 view plans from all over the world 3-View and Aircraft Resources

Finished the Cant- 501 a few days ago and continued with the Bolo and SM-71......Have fun everyone........ PS: Note the "paper" decals..:lol:



Cool model with a small diorame. :D But could you tell Gerar, if you used an adhesive paper tape to make easier applaying the red paint on wings?
Hi Wurger>..........What you see on the wings..the stripes..are not paint, they are pieces of shinny paper!!!!..just an old technique...
Heinz.......You bet, the top observer " rattled" to the vibration of the engine
during all the flight, not a nice pleace to fly in!!!!!
Very nice seaplane. Do you enter these in modelling competitions? There seems to be a lot of talent involved in creating these.
Hi Wurger..........What you see on the wings..the stripes..are not paint, they are pieces of shinny paper!!!!..just an old technique...

Looking at the pic I was convinced the stripes had been painted with the red enamel.I'm a bit surprised.You have real talent Gerar.:D :thumbleft:
Hi Wurger and HealzDevo.......Thank you gentlemen for your kind words.
Back in the 30´s 40´s and early 50´s when "solid" model Kits were sold all over the "decals" were just printed in regular paper.....I thought it would be nice to remember that in this model so I just cut up some shinny paper and pasted it to the wings........) :)
You know Healz, you hardly see any "scratchbuilders" contest today....99.9999% of them are only for plastic models. I entered the SM-81 in a contest in Milan, Italy in Dicember 2006, only to have the "scratchbuilt" category not mentioned at all for I was the only contestant!!!!!!!!!....Incredible, I din´t get even a picture of the contest.....just sending the model to Italy via FedEx cost me US$ 129.00!!!!!!!!...............Never again in Italy!!!!!! :( :( :(--------------
I am now making to strange SM-71, the first Italian Civil aircraft to carry mail from Rome to Argentina in 1934.....and a CA-134, which lost the competion to the RO-37 also around 1934............will post photos later on...

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